10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Post-Colonial Africa


10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Post-Colonial Africa

Africa is a place that is neglected for many reasons. But they have succeeded to come out of it and become the world’s fastest-growing nation.  

Post-colonial Africa is a bit different. The Colonial tax France is still applicable in Africa even today, showing that there is still progress to be made. And it puts an impact on its colonies.  

Just like this, there is more information about Africa that will surely surprise you. Let’s see what they are. 

More than 25% of the languages from all over the world are spoken in Africa

You might not know that around 2,000 languages of the world are spoken in Africa. These are not used like local languages. These are considered as an official language of the African Union. And over 25% of the languages of over the world are used in Africa. 

Africa’s population is younger than the other parts of the world 

The ratio of youngsters is almost 50% in entire Africa. They are under the age of 20. If we compare it with the global ratio, then age is much lower.  

And that’s why this state depends on them and the ratio is the highest in the world. Every 73 people of 100 people are considered as working people even if they are under 15. 

Africa is a State 

There is nothing new in this fact. You all know that Africa is a state. But sometimes, people consider it as a country and tell people that without knowing all about it.  

That’s how the entire state often faces these kinds of problems. They have almost the same culture. That is another reason for this confusion. But Africa is not a country. And this information is necessary to let you know. 

Ethiopia provided the fastest growing economy in the world in 2015 

Ethiopia has a record of providing a developed economy that has grown in the fastest way back in 2015. The GDP of this country has grown up by 10.2%. That’s why it is considered the fastest-growing country in the economic sector. 

Africa is not poor and overpopulated 

Africa is neglected for many years and for several reasons. The reasons are different. But people generally take them as a poor and overpopulated state.  

But it’s not true. Some data prove this statement. The GDP per capita is ranged from 226 to 11,965. And the currency is US dollars.  

Also, the range of children per family is from 1.4 (Mauritius) to 7.6 (Niger). Talking about cell phones, it’s from 35 to 1359 per 1000 people.  

And the density of the population is from 3 to 639. So, all these facts show that it is not so overpopulated and so poor as people consider it. 

Kingdoms and different empires were there before the modern era came 

Some several empires and kingdoms existed before the modern era came. Above all, the popular and ancient Kingdom in Egypt. Two states are famous in the medieval period. These are the kingdoms of Zimbabwe and Mali. Both are popular as the richest states of all. 

Two female Presidents are now in Africa 

The most common thing that people think is that Africa is that place where women are oppressed. But to clear your statement, you should know that currently, two female presidents rule entire Africa.  

You can visit some other states and countries where women cannot get the proper right that they deserve. But if you think, Africa is one of them, then you are wrong. 

About 30% of the remaining mineral resources of the earth is in Africa 

This is true information. Not only that, but it has 90% of platinum reserves and 40% of gold reserves too. It is the reason why Nigeria becomes the world’s fifth-largest exporter of oil.  

The ratio is larger than Kuwait and also Iraq. That’s what the CIA World Factbook gives the information of all the percentages. 

Around 40% of adults are illiterate here 

Not just the improvement, but also some opposite of it occur in this state. About 40% of adults in Africa are illiterate. And the saddest fact is, about 27% of it is women that is almost two-thirds of the whole.  

Also, the progress of giving people proper education is fast enough. That is a reason for the decrease in the improvement of this state. 

Nigeria’s second-biggest employer after agriculture is Nollywood 

Nollywood is the film industry of Nigeria. It produces up to 50 movies per week. And over one million people are involved in this industry to get some earning.  

This industry employs those people and gives them their livelihood. In 2014, Nigeria released data about the income from Nollywood and that is about $3.3 billion.  

Wrap Up  

To conclude, we just want to say that not all states are the same that we consider them to be. It can be more than that. And we hope that you can get more ideas about Africa than before.  





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