10 Fashion Tendencies of the Season Spring-Summer 2019

10 Fashion Tendencies of the Season Spring-Summer 2019

Spring is much closer than it seems, so it is better to get acquainted with the key trends of the upcoming season right now. Moreover, the designers offered a lot of fresh and exciting ideas.

All to the beach!

10 Fashion Tendencies of the Season Spring-Summer 2019

Beachwear occupies an increasing place in the spring-summer collections on both sides of the Atlantic, turning from auxiliary to full-fledged direction. Therefore, the giants like Chanel and Michael Kors shined their new work for beach holidays. Such smaller players as Etro and Sportmax keep up.

Bicycle path

10 Fashion Tendencies of the Season Spring-Summer 2019

Yoga pants continue to conquer fashion catwalks, and designers continue to fit them into everyday wardrobe skillfully. The most popular combination – with a sophisticated shirt – was shown in the new collections of Fendi, Jacquemus and Roberto Cavalli. Miuccia Prada offers to wear them with beautiful tops.


10 Fashion Tendencies of the Season Spring-Summer 2019

There will be room for a romantic mood this spring. Pleating returned to the catwalks, and in its most varied manifestations. Naturally, it will not do without airy pleated midi length skirts, but it will look much more active on various tops or upper parts of dresses. For example, in the Valentino collection, the pleated face resembles a shell or an open fan, and Claire Waite Keller from Givenchy has invented to make a kind of “wing” out of it.

Do It Yourself

Fashion Week in London has identified one of the critical trends of the season – the widespread use of hand-knitted parts. For example, British designers showed allusions to fishing nets, and their colleagues from Milan and Paris continued the theme with weaving in the manner of vintage tablecloths and rugs.

10 Fashion Tendencies of the Season Spring-Summer 2019

The lace of fate

Lace, which goes with romantic and ultra-modern clothing, will try on a new role next spring. Virgil Ablo and Alexander Wang made it part of their variations on the topic of a sportsman, Riccardo Tisci connected with shirt fabric, and Erdem Moralioglu used it for the image of an urban madman.

Hello from the 1980s

In the spring-summer 2019 season, eighties fashion will manifest itself in dirty denim, from which not only jeans are sewn, but also jackets, dresses, compound skirts, and even shoes.

10 Fashion Tendencies of the Season Spring-Summer 2019

Patch pockets

Good news for those who do not like to carry bags – next spring clothing with patch pockets will be everywhere. For the first time, this trend appeared in the 1960s, after Yves Saint Laurent fell in love with the whole world in safari style, his second coming was already in the 1990s when mobile devices began to appear and had to be somewhere. Patch pockets of the sample of 2019 look no less impressive, and there is no difficulty in choosing your version – they appeared in Loewe, Sacai, Marine Serre and Dries Van Noten collections.


There is an opinion that when a designer has nothing to say concerning cut, idea or silhouette, he begins to use prints. However, examples of brands such as Mary Katrantzou and Erdem prove the opposite – virtuoso work with drawings can help to win the loyal army of fans. The upcoming spring of print mania will reach a new level – designers are increasingly mixing mixed prints, which until then had been difficult even to imagine.

Naturalness itself

No wonder they say that the primary trend of modern fashion is its diversity. While some designers romp around the world in search of new patterns, others suggest collecting wardrobe in neutral beige tones. The second camp includes the brands Burberry, Max Mara, Jil Sander, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Tibi.

10 Fashion Tendencies of the Season Spring-Summer 2019


The trend in functionality is in the new season and overalls. Fashion brands offer them as an alternative to dresses when you need to choose just one thing. In Edie Sliman’s debut collection for Celine, they have a predictable rock and roll mood, Stella McCartney is reminiscent of a working uniform, and Louis Vuitton perfectly rhymes with lush blouses.

10 Fashion Tendencies of the Season Spring-Summer 2019

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