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1 Million Tickets Sold for Ed Sheeran’s Tour of New Zealand and Australia

1 Million Tickets Sold for Ed Sheeran’s Tour of New Zealand and Australia

Ed Sheeran finds himself in the record books yet again, as the biggest-selling artist in the world in the year 2017 snagged another entry. A record that has stood for 30 years and seemed like it was there to stay, has been smashed by the British singer, as more than one million tickets have been sold for his tour of New Zealand and Australia.

Frontier Touring, the promoter of the tour, confirmed that the milestone had been crossed by Ed, as he made the announcement on Friday evening before the tour of the album ‘Divide’ started. The achievement is made all the more astonishing, by the fact that both regions have a combined total population of 29 million.

The head of Frontier Toruing, Michael Gudinski said that he had never witnessed a tour that had such popularity and believed that it was a phenomenal achievement to sell one million tickets. Some of the biggest names have had tours organized by Frontier, including the likes of Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and The Rolling Stones, according to Gudinski, who’s also the chairman of the Mushroom Group of Companies, but he says he’s never seen such a turnout.

The record for the most tickets sold on a single tour, to the countries New Zealand and Australia, previously belonged to Dire Straits, who in support of ‘Brothers in Arms’, toured the regions in 1986 and managed to sell an astounding 950,000 tickets, which Ed Sheeran has now passed.

More than one record has been broken by Ed’s tour of the two countries, as he will also break the record for the most stadium performances in a single tour, while visiting 18 sports arenas across seven cities. The record previously belonged to the Australian rock band AC/DC, who toured 14 locations, as they performed their ‘Black Ice’ concerts back in 2010. Attendance records at venues across both countries, are also set to be broken by the ‘Divide’ tour.

Frontier and Sheeran are no strangers, with the touring company having organized his tours to the region from the beginning, according to Gudinski, who said they have gone visited not only stadiums but small theatres. He also praised the British singer for an incredible work ethic, as well as his passion, talent and his dedication to the fans. He said that the tour was possible due all of these traits of Ed, whom he labelled as a truly gifted individual. He said he was proud that Frontier Touring played a big role, in helping Ed smash another record out of the park, something he said he had discovered the singer was very fond of doing, after getting to know him.

Sheeran’s fans in Australia will also be the first ones to visit the exclusive pop-up stores, which will be initiated this Friday. ‘Divide’, which is the singer’s third album, has been No. 1 in Australia for 22 weeks and was the best seller in the region for the year 2017. The single ‘Shape Of You’ from the album, also had the best-selling honors of the year.




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